Welcome to the Self Publishing Services

Our goal is to help Authors navigate through the self-publishing process, we provide links and information to assist authors with the self-publication of their manuscripts. Our comprehensive structure includes a range of services designed to help authors every step of the way. 

Project Management
Not sure how to navigate the process. We offer a full or partial project management and book and cover design service.
Business Services
Get expert tips and advice on starting a successful business as an author in Australia. Learn about the necessary steps and resources to achieve your goals.
Website and Social media
Discover how to set up a professional author website that showcases your writing and connects you with readers. Learn essential tips and tools to make your site stand out.
Editorial Essentials
Explore our comprehensive guide to editorial services and resources to enhance your writing, improve your grammar, and make your content stand out.
Cover and book design
Get expert tips and guidance on cover and book design with this informative resource.
Book Printing
Get expert advice on choosing the best book printers for your publishing needs. Learn about different printing methods, costs, and tips to ensure the highest quality print for your book.
Selling your book on Amazon is not going to get your brand known. Take your publishing to a new level.
Learn the tips and tricks for successfully marketing your book and reaching your target audience. Get expert advice on promoting your book and increasing its visibility.
For individuals who are unsure or don't believe they have the skills, we have links to external coaching experts that can help you.

Support the Australian Book Publishing Industry

The Australian book publishing industry has a rich history, with many Australian authors and publishers contributing to the country's literary landscape.

However, in recent years, the industry has faced various challenges, including increased competition from overseas publishers and the impact of digital disruption.

This is why it's more important than ever to support the Australian book publishing industry and use Australian businesses to do so.